Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm Alive, I'm Part-Hipster, and I Might Just Go Anyways

Here's some theme music--It's "Alive" by Empire of the Sun

Part 1

            Oh my God, Oh my Davros, Oh my Loki, Oh my Thor!

            What the HELL was I thinking with that last post?!  I was so goddamn upset I vented at you, at Mom and Dad, at the physical world basically.

            And after thinking back on it, I came to a realization that is just ridiculous.

(Complete with hipster shirt!)

            My parents are saying, "Go check with the awesome hotel we're staying in!"  Which, by the way, looks awesome!  It's made of suites, dudes!  SUITES!  It's like Residence Inn but more bedrooms and Tempurpedic beds!  Not to mention I checked out a mobile version of their website, where it says that they have bikes we could borrow for free, full kitchens in the suites, free off-street parking, and that we're steps from the awesome side of Pittsburgh!  We can cook, I'll have my own bedroom in the suite (two bedroom suites, bro!  That's fancy for me!  But I think it's more for my parents than it is for me…) and there's a flat-screen television set there!  But at this rate (which, at the time of my typing this part, is Monday 4:33 AM EST), I don't know the whole story, so I'm just drafting these parts up as I research what is going to happen and make calls to my sibling to see what her plans are for that Saturday.  We might just be able to see it in theaters, which means we would need adult diapers for all the pants-pissing brick-shitting nerdgasms from experiencing awesome epic bacon jizzing in the theater.

            Anyways, for now, I must sleep so that I may have a clear head for calling the hotel and asking questions (which is still a wall I'm struggling with), and then get groceries, laundry money, and my ass to the library.  Until then, LOOK ALIVE AND EXCELSIOR!

Part 2

            I sent an email today, basically doing what Mom would tell me to do (“JUST CALL THEM!”) but via email. It didn’t help that @NotGayDalek had to affirm my fears of channels not being available in hotels with this tweet, so it’s best if I ask. Basically it consists of the following:
Hi, um, if I were to stay at your hotel, would I be able to receive the channels BBCAmerica and Travel Channel on your televisions? It's kind of very important to me.

And since it’s a Ghost Adventures weekend (EVERY WEEKEND!) and Toonami Saturday, I won’t be able to catch much of it.  At all, if ever, and that doesn’t include that Jay Wasley, sound guy to the Ghost Adventures Crew, didn’t have access to the Travel Channel at his hotel when he attended Parafest.  Basically, you won’t get answers if you don’t ask questions…

Part 3

            I HAVE GOOD NEWS TODAY! (Which is Tuesday, November 12, 2013.)  I got an email reply back from the hotel people I’m staying at and THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS!
Re: ******: Channel Selection in the Suites
Hello, Ms. Pyrithea
Thank you for emailing!  As a guest, you would be able to view BBCAmerica and The Travel Channel.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Sincerely,(name censored)Asst. General Manager

So, I will most certainly be going, and holding a viewing party in the suite, if we haven’t already decided to attend the theater showing!  Also, I’m censoring the name of the place I’ll be staying at until I do my review of the place which will post AFTER leaving!  Thank you to the hotel!

To be honest, I would’ve gone just to stay in the hotel anyways, and to see my grandfather who has been dealing with illness again.  He needs to take better care of himself, but at least it’s one more Thanksgiving meal with him.