Friday, October 11, 2013

A Glowing Book Review for The Bloggess: So Glowing You'd Swear It's Radioactive!

Now, I understand that you're shaking your head and rolling your eyes at this point.... After a surprisingly ranty post the last time, I'm doing a book review again?

Trust me, it's worth the squirreliness you're dealing with on a regular basis.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, is the BEST BOOK I EVER FUCKING READ!  I kid you not!  There's so much wit and insanity that not only will you laugh, you'll also cry--from laughing so hard!

Technical analysis?  THROW THAT SHIT OUT THE WINDOW AND INTO YOUR NAZI NEIGHBOR'S FAN!  This book is exempt from spelling error issues and typos and grammar flops!  Why?  Because this blogging goddess just made everything better the moment I finished reading it!  And I'm so glad that I got my own copy!  I originally purchased it from The Moravian Book Shop, intending to let my parents (who are also fans of hers) borrow the book.  I didn't realize that they already had a copy of it.  And the library also had a copy of the book.  But it's so important to purchase your own copy--because if you check it out of the library or borrow it from someone else, YOU'LL NEVER WANT TO GIVE IT BACK!

I swear, I was laughing so hard that I got high!  So much dopamine was coursing through my brain I could've been high!  It's like nothing you ever read.  Curl up with a taxidermied animal and read this because you'll reserve it for the days you'll want something hilarious to help you feel better on your darker days!

This book is like THIS:

And I hope that when you're done reading this review, you'll be like THIS:

GO GET A COPY NOW!!!!  And laugh away everything, including the Apocalypse!