Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Meteorologist Clips His Jet Wings and A Rant About the Government Brats

             I understand that you won't always want to read rants from me.  But I really have to get this out there onto the Interwebs.  I just read an article from Yahoo about how a meterologist read an IPCC report on how climate changeis worse than ever before, one that projected to a time beyond the year 2100, and decided once and for all to no longer fly anywhere.  He found out that his flying attributed to about half of his carbon footprint.  He chose to use video conferencing and phone calls if he could help it, and to use cars and trains if he needed to travel.  Which I can appreciate; if you need to do something, find an alternative way of doing it, one that has less of an impact on the environment.  To which I cheer and send my verbal support: why can't we all do that?  Why can't we just simply do what this guy is doing, which is have a greener lifestyle?

            I'm sure government officials will be reading this by now, so I'd like to present my definition of the environmental term "green":

            Green (grēn): adjective An environmental term used to describe actions and products that have little to no negative impact on the environment.  It's not just a color, it's a movement people shouldn't ignore, especially those living with the principal of plentitude.

            I can present a number of businesses who made being environmentally friendly part of the business practice.  Chipotle, for example, is really a TexMex kind of green Subway; they use grass-fed beef, free range chicken, no meat that is fed hormones, and they offer vegetarian options!  They use recycled materials for the napkins, they wash (and sanitize) used baskets, recycle oil barrels into trash bins, pizza pans as trays!  I love their efforts!  If other restaurants use similar business practices, the country could cut its carbon footprint down sizably and be very effective in saving the world from a destruction our descendants have to deal with (if they live that long).

            Yeah, McDonald's and Burger King and KFC and A&W and Pizza Hut and Long John Silver's and Popeye's and Subway and all you other restaurants out there!  I'm calling you out on this shit!  People will love you more if you adapt these business practices to your company!  And don't just use some of them; instead, use all of them!  You'll get more business from people who will feel less guilty for supporting a chain that used to help propel us to a dystopian landscape and even get tax credits for being so green!  You don't need lobbyists, just the common sense to recycle inedible products, use healthier-sourced foods……  And I don't want you to use your PR shtick of "We have our customer's best interests at heart," or whatever.  I want you to be honest: release a report of the least green practices you use, and release them all; if I even sense that you're withholding anything, I'll go on a social media campaign to incur a boycott of your services!  I'll keep my money to myself, along with my friends' business, if I have to, to get you to wake the fuck up.

            But there is one problem: the idiots who feel that they can shit on baby seals and not give a damn or get punished.  In fact, one such idiot who calls himself Jim (when we really should be calling him Shithead, Dickface and Vaginamouth) made a stupid comment on that idea!

            He really should be banned from the Interwebz for his dickish attitude.

            But when I think of people wanting to live a life of plentitude (having more than enough to live a richer lifestyle where we could have almost anything we want while people starve in Africa, China, North Korea, the Middle East, the rest of Asia, even the slummy areas of North America; think the Capitol citizens in the Hunger Games trilogy), I also think of the government brats who pay SO MUCH for their mansions, cars, arsenals, their annual cruises of the Mediterranean, and complain that the money that funds the now-shutdown government is starting to disappear.  They're so denying that the money that funds said government is actually going right into their pockets.  (This is actually why I did not vote for Romney: he represented corporate  greed and the plentitude we're conditioned to live in.)

Government Brats Should Grow Up

             Does anyone remember how this shutdown happened?  The government is shutdown, yes, and is going through (at the time of this post) its eighth day.

            I know how it happened: because those brats in power have been bickering and fighting like children in a real-life Romeo and Juliet!  I kid you not, the Republicans are Montagues, feuding with the Democrats who are the Capulets, refusing to work with each other because the other side is who they are, while the rest of us suffer from the consequences of such a feud.  Didn't the updated version from the 90s (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) teach you NOTHING?

            They're fighting like children!  Children!  Even toddlers learn to share the sandbox and their toys at an early age!  Yet the Donkeys and Elephants are having a contest  as to who can make a bigger shitpile that can sink the whole aircraft carrier!  YES, AMERICA IS AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER AND YOU'RE TRYING TO SINK THE DAMN THING! 

            It's expensive!  It's childish!  It's so many egos trying to give themselves a blowjob so they can inflate!  I have news for you, KIDS….  Grow the fuck up and get this country up and running!  You're killing it.  And not like Krewella!

            Congressmen, Congresswomen, Senators….please.  Just meet in the middle, which is where I'm at (Moderate for the WIN!).  It's not a bad place to be; in fact, the view is nice, despite the fence being stuck between my legs.  Put aside your differences, let Obamacare run (because it really is a nice idea; imagine how it can help the medical transition of people with disabilities), and just KISS AND MAKE UP!

            (To tell you the truth, that's what I'd love to see: Obama and Boehner kissing each other on the lips, practically making out with each other.  MAKE IT HAPPEN, INTERWEBZ!)

            Imagine how much EASIER things will get once we stop fighting with each other!  You'll manage to get things done a LOT faster without the bureaucracy and bickering!  The  country can be a democracy once again, instead of the Hypocrisy it is now.  That's what we are at the moment: a government full of people who are two-faced brats who are having temper tantrums and need a time out or a violent spanking.

            Just fix it.